Purpose: To provide the highest quality training and certification program for EFT practitioners who wish to specialize in working with individuals and businesses who are dealing with challenges to success and wealth creation.

Prerequisites to Entering this Program:

  • Written application submission
  • A live online Interview

Training Timeline:

This hybrid certification was developed to integrate both self-guided learning with interactive live online coaching and private mentoring. It includes:

  • Monthly live online group mentoring. These groups will meet the 3rd Tuesday of each month, for 9 months, from October 2023 through June 2024 at 2-3 PM Pacific Time Zone. Note: six of these monthly classes MUST be attending live
  • Six private 1:1 mentoring/coaching sessions (3 with Alina and 3 with Craig).

Other Included Course Elements:

  • The EFT Practitioner Playbook; A Comprehensive Step by Step Guide to Building a Successful EFT Practice or EFT Prosperity; A Step by Step Guide for Building a Profitable EFT Practice (Strategies)
  • A private interactive online group forum
  • All of the EFT MBA (EFT Marketing and Business Academy Course materials
  • All of the Money Mindset Course materials and the rights to teach the course
  • Manifestation Wheel Course materials and the rights to teach the course
  • Free access during certification to our EFT Level 1-2 trainings ($799 regular tuition)
  • Free access to Tapping out of Trauma ($399 regular tuition)
  • Free access to Midge Murphy’s Legal Risk Management Course ($150 regular tuition)
  • Free attendance to in-person Matrix Reimprinting two day training ($599 regular tuition)
  • Free Listing in the EFT Money Coach Directory
  • Free Prosperity Video by Alina Frank
  • Free “SMARTER Goal Setting” webinar access
  • Free “Creating Tapping Circles” webinar recording

EFT Money Coach Certification Completion Requirements:

  • Signed Agreement
  • Successful completion, submission and review of two case studies (Discovery Strategy Session plus a minimum of six sessions with a client)
  • Submission of one reviewed video session
  • Attendance at a minimum of six private mentoring sessions
  • Attendance LIVE at a minimum of 6 monthly group mentoring sessions
  • Successful exam completion of the Legal Risk Management Course
  • An agreed to and signed EFT Money Coach Code of Ethics

Course Overview and Monthly Modules:

Month 1

Creating a Client Success Map

  • SMARTER goal creation for your business and for your clients
  • Getting clear on scope of practice issues
  • Conducting effective client consultations and strategic Discovery Sessions

Month 2

Niching; Refining Yours and How to Support Your Client to Define their Target Market

  • Creating and refining your practice niche and identifying your ideal client market
  • How to coach clients to define their niche
  • Building a powerful niche-relevant professional team for your business and for your clients

Month 3

Enhancing a Money Mindset

  • Exploring and transforming your money mindset and how to assist your clients with overcoming their stress, anxiety, fears, self-doubts and more.
  • Learn the Money Archetypes system that you can use and share with your clients to get to the root cause of dysfunctional money patterns

Month 4

Foundational Business Dynamics and Growth

  • Growing a private practice; fundamentals for starting a business with a strong foundation including the creation of client session packages.elements of establishing integrity practices, reviewing insurance requirements, creating business entity protection, legal consultations, forms/agreements, pricing, policies and procedures, disclaimers
  • Developing Mastermind groups/Circles with focus on growing wealth, increasing abundance, reducing debt, etc.

Month 5

Website Development and using Artificial Intelligence

  • Building an effective website presence, writing sales copy, designing landing pages
  • How to effectively use artificial intelligence (AI) for website content and more.

Month 6

It’s Manifestation Time!

  • Learn how to implement the teachings of the Manifestation Wheel and put Law of Attraction tools and exercises to work for you and your clients.

Month 7

Content Creation and Putting Yourself Out There

  • Create specific niche-related content to attract clients and tools to help them overcome their fears of stepping out in a more visible way to grow their business. Topics include: public speaking/presentations, interviews, writing/blogging, newsletter creation and more.

Month 8

Marketing Effectively on Social Media

  • Learn how to effectively reach your target market via social media platforms and how to support your clients to do the same. You will learn how to identify which platforms to use to be most efficient and effective.

Month 9

Creating a Program / Course / Webinar etc

  • Many business owners and entrepreneurs see the financial wealth accumulation possibilities via the creation of online courses. This module will give you the tools to create that for yourself and for your clients.
EFT Money Coach